The ‘Flipper’ Sight Screen.

A uniquely designed, innovative, multi-functional cricket sight screen. The screen is protected with The Patent Office by registered design number 4031354. The ‘Flipper’ is available in all white, all black or a combination of both colours to cater for both the limited over and conventional formats of the game. The multi-location, spring loaded locking system dramatically restricts wind resistance and when not in use can be pinned at 90 degrees to eliminate potential damage in particularly inclement weather conditions. Eye catching, interlocking acrylic insert boards, which are available in white, black or white on one face and black on the other are ingeniously used to facilitate both versions of the game simply by rotating the lightweight panels within the steel framework at 180 degrees and locking into place.

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Although the standard screen size is 3,000mm x 3,000mm the ‘Flipper’ can be fabricated in a range of different sizes to suit the specific requirements of each club. Each screen is manufactured in the UK from pre-galvanised steel, powder coated for additional protection and can usually be supplied in four weeks from receipt of order. The screens are all supplied with full assembly instructions and can be comfortably constructed by three people in a couple of hours. Spare panels are available ex-stock and eliminate the potentially heavy replacement costs associated with buying a complete new screen.

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Product Liability Disclaimer.

Underwoods Steel Stockholders offer its cricket sightscreens with the terms and conditions as follows:

Terms and Conditions of Use:

These products are offered to you subject to the conditions detailed below: The flipper sightscreen has been robustly designed for specific use as a benefit to batsmen in the duration of a cricket match or practice session. When not in use screens should be securely located in a sheltered area to eliminate any damage from natural elements and ideally tethered to a permanent fixture. The rotating panels within the steel framework may also be ‘locked open’ by using the multi position locating plates on the base of the screen, doing so will further reduce the possibility of damage in blustery conditions. It is recommended that a minimum of 3 adults assemble the screens, assembly instructions and guidelines must be strictly adhered to. Underwoods Steel Stockholders accept no liability for misuse of their sightscreens or for failure to comply with the recommended terms of use above.